virtual coaching day

Strategic day of 1-1 coaching

one spot available per month

Virtual Coaching Days were created for female entrepreneurs aspiring to build their personal brand for larger, luxury opportunities.

          A luxury interior designer, doubling project scopes. 
          A seasoned CEO gaining brand clarity for VC fundraising. 
          A celebrated wedding planner, tripling the cost per head. 
          A  photographer, shooting international fashion houses. 

These women are at a positioning & sales standstill.

They have the initial groundwork (i.e. a portfolio & team). But, they are exhausted. Too many clients. Too many projects. Too small of budgets. The brand positioning is disconnected. 

Something needs to change. 

They need to re-position for the luxury market and develop a marketing strategy. It sounds brilliant but they are unsure where to begin. 

laser focused on positioning & sales

with 20+ pages of custom notes

Virtual Coaching Days are a virtual day of intensive support with 1-1 training, strategy and action solely focused on luxury positioning & sales. 

These virtual  days are intense and highly personalized.
There is only one session available per month. 

I quite literally hand over 20+ pages of custom positioning notes to catapult these clients' businesses forward in a short amount of time. 

During this day we typically accomplish: 

Intense clarity - a defined super-niche & ideal target client.
A powerful consultation & networking script that converts.
A detailed website audit for the luxury market.
A done for you, marketing strategy for larger budgets & opportunities.
A Clear 1-2-3 roadmap for the next year of business.

I am opening
The vault...

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When we connect we are ready to work.  Prior to our coaching, you complete an intensive questionnaire, join my monthly coaching roundtable and we strategize via a 1-1 call. By the time of our special day, I will have spent months building out your personal plan. 

I'm a detail gal, I document everything for quick automation & implementation. My clients leave the coaching day with a rock-solid plan, a 1-2-3 checklist. Their investment quickly pays for itself. 

My point? The work is custom. It is tailored. It is designed for my client’s business.

Please note: We do not cover higher level topics of: paid speaking, licensing, book deals, partnerships and detailed press pitching. These larger conversations take place in my  Charleston Luxe Day Coaching or My Private Brand Launch Weekends. 

Note: I do not consider clients who are running a 100% e-commerce shoppe, aren't quick to execute or where we don't connect on a personal level. 

A short application
is required for consideration

Virtual coaching days include above and beyond special surprises
(ohh la la!) 

// Twenty pages of custom notes on sales & positioning
// Six Hours of session video footage for team training.
// An intensive questionnaire, 1-1 strategy prep call
// Monthly Coaching Roundtable support. 
// A stunning, on-brand welcome gift.

As this is a highly personalized experience, a short
application is required for consideration. 

My personalized coaching is so thorough my clients never hire me again… but, they become dear friends and consistently refer me.

sumbit application

investment: $12K