Brand Launch weekend

turnkey in charleston, sc

Brand Launch Weekends are my highest-touch package limited to 4 women a year.

It is true, 1-1 support. I became these four women’s extra business
partners. I have my hands on every. single. aspect of their brand.

Every word on their website is written by yours truly, every headshot
pose I manage, every networking script I write, every marketing packet
I design, every media pitch, proposal or speakers presentation I oversee. 

This completely immersive coaching experience was built for
high achieving women who want to skip the 5 year learning curve.

launch a multi-7-figure personal  brand in one weekend

These clients deeply desire...

Being seen as a top 3% industry leader - paid double the going rate.
Consistently landing 7-figure clients and national brand partnerships.
A glossy feature in Vogue, Architectural Digest or New York Times. 
The microphone at conferences or publishing agents knocking on the door.

I become the extra business partner

See my friend why Brand Launch Weekends were invented? 

These women are busy running the day to day of their business. 

They lack the time, strategy and specialized team to devote to a relaunch. They need it done right. Turnkey. Fast Tracked. By an expert.

They understand their time is best spent serving clients & making money...not, trying to learn from podcasts, sending pitches that don't covert, sitting on long calls with the wrong coaches or babysitting web developers. That doesn't feel like a strategic use of their time. 

The four women I select are completely covered. Front, back
and sides. We re-launch their brand (via new website, logo,
headshots, marketing packets, brand presentations, sales scripts, custom strategies  etc.) 

A-Z. Start to finish. Strategy to launch.

Multi 7-figure personal brands are built.

brand strategy turns me on

Over the years, I witnessed high-level entrepreneurs spending $50,000+ on sub-par brand assets, $30,000 on consultants, courses and conferences (totaling $80,000). They were wasting 100+ hours trying to implement, two years to go launch and three years to see a return on their investment. 

The worst part? They missed opportunities to grow their business. I hated that. I knew I could do it 2,000 times better + streamlined and thought… 

“Not here. Not now. For the same $80k I will do everything for four women. It will be perfect and incredibly profitable. They will make their investment back tenfold.” 

assets you walk away with

Our preparation starts months before Charleston via strategy sessions & monthly roundtable calls.  I literally become your extra business partner.

Not to mention - 20 hours of 1-1 coaching with myself, a turnkey Personal Brand business plan and 50+ page packet of custom notes. My team jokes that I write a custom Thesis for each client - it's truly that in-depth and completely done for you.

// A Brand New Luxury Website 
// A Chic Headshot Photoshoot
// 10+ Page Custom Brand Presentation
// Every Word On The Website Perfected
// A Custom New Logo, Fonts & Colors
// Copy & Paste Pitch Templates 
// 5 Marketing Packets and Collateral
// 15 Done For You Social Media Graphics

// A 1, 3 and 5 Year Game Plan
// Media & Press Interview Guides 
// Sales Scripts For The Luxury Market
// Hidden VIP Networking Circles
// A 20+ Page Social Media Handbook 
// Business Cards & Email Signatures 
// 7-Figure Custom Sales Strategies 
// A Luxury Gifting Suite 

past clients

JLV Creative

luxury interior designer

view website

christa pitts

ceo the elf on the shelf

view website

beth meyer design

atlanta luxury designer

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before a private,
luxe weekend...

We spend months getting to know each other.

From writing your biography, managing your entire website design to selecting outfits for your photo-shoot... I am involved.I come with a clear 1-2-3 strategy and new business model.  My team is fully vetted based on their specific background and goals. 

My clients stay in a large private Presidential Suite in a 5-star hotel in downtown Charleston for three nights, this becomes our Brand HQ. 

I get personal branding inside and out. I support my women to land luxury clients & opportunities consistently.

erganic design

seven figure weddings

view website

joy rohadfox

ceo rohadfox construction

view website

Margaux St. Ledger

luxury floral designer

view website

our detailed schedule

connection dinner -

Day One is focused on...

At 9:00am over frothy lattes, I introduce the Brand Launch Weekend Team including my photographer who shot for Vogue or the savvy web developer who designed this site. 

A beautiful personal brand photoshoot (with hair + makeup) 
Brand Assets - logo, fonts, colors & a stunning new website outline 
A training video on strategic sales - networking & consultations 
A 20+ Page Social Media Manual for Instagram & LinkedIn
A 15-page Proposal Presentation for 6 & 7-figure brand deals 
A newly written, biography (telling your signature story)
Reworking fees, pricing & investment guides 

The night before, we have a long, lovely dinner - this is usually where I start connecting them with my rolodex making press & brand introductions. 

coaching day one

our detailed schedule continued

coaching day two

I literally micro-manage your brand.

At the close of coaching, my clients are 100% empowered, and have all their brand resources, team training materials and a 5 year road map. 

After a great night of sleep, we review all of the brand assets. We discuss tweaks, edits - my team makes adjustments. 

Following the pow-wow, we coach pitching the press, strategizing industry partnership meetings, and if you desire - book deals, podcasts, paid speaking or licensing deals.

the investment has already paid for itself.

Cheers! At 5pm, we celebrate by launching the new website over champagne. 

I take deep pride being the ultimate host. From massages, VIP baskets (your favorite snacks, candles, face masks) it is like my clients Birthday and Christmas combined.

four select clients a year

When my clients travel to Charleston, this price includes: three nights at a 5-star hotel in an expansive Presidential Suite, a complete Brand Launch Team of a Website Developer, Personal Assistant, Photographer, Hair and Makeup.

Please Note: For high-profile CEO's that require extensive team training in their HQ, personal styling, completed applications for VIP membership circles or in-depth media training, my Deluxe Brand Launches are available to two high-profile CEO's a year.  

Healthy snacks, a welcome dinner, lunches, a celebratory cocktail hour, VIP coaching, all brand marketing materials, a massage, plus other fabulous surprises. 

This is an insanely personalized experience, I become your extra business partner. I am incredibly selective in who I work with. I need to feel deeply connected as I am writing every word on their website which is why there are only four Brand Launch Weekends available per year. 

Brand Launch Weekend investment: $80K

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