Rachael has been requested as a speaker on dozens of podcasts, some of her most recent episodes include…

power talk friday: Discover your goldmine unleash your marketing

step by step to monetize your brand and become a top 3% firm 

A well designed business with luann nigara

declare your brand and win luxury clients with rachael bozsik Johanson

"In a luxury world, there is a lot of fluff. Rachael is no fluff but strategic action. Immediately after our podcast interview, I said, "Where do I pay? How can I hire you?!" I'M not easily impressed, but WOW, I was impressed."

luann nigara. viral podcast host

The confetti hour for  Wedding professionals 

designed for the creative mind with michelle lynn

For close to a decade, Rachael has empowered close to 100,000+ women on stages around the globe. Some of her favorite events include…

“Aspirational yet relatable. When Rachael has the mic, women listen. I have had the honor of collaborating with Rachael on female-centric events for years, and she always stands up and shows up full heart. My favorite speaker!”

francesca barker. special events