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the brief

the brief

Kate applied to work with Rachael via her 1:1 Luxe Days after two decades in the preservation & design industry. Kate previously worked at an impressive historic societies / institutions and her husband was the president of New York School of Interior Design (NYSID), she lacked the brand clarity, messaging and strategy to monetize her personal business in the luxury market, building a profitable firm.  When Kate came to Rachael she was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated on how to navigate the next steps of her business to bring her ideal clients & joy. 



Rachael saw the magic in Kate's background and expertise and ideated niching her down from a realtor with a background in historic restoration to the ONLY call you would make if you are considering purchasing and renovating multi-7 figure, historic property in Upstate, New York. Kate is a master at her craft but sales felt overwhelming and awkward. Rachael worked closely to hand-write sales scripts even recording herself pretending to be Kate to build confidence. 

the results

the results

"I tell everyone I know about Rachael.  When I met her, I had an “impressive” resume (Adjunct Professor at Columbia University, an elite career in NYC historic preservation, a book deal, etc.). Still, I didn’t know how to market myself and land luxury clients. Self-promotion was hard for me, and Rachael changed that. Within months of working together, I landed a WSJ interview for a historic home project, and I went from selling an average of $500k properties to closing three deals $1.8, $2.4, $5.2M in a month. The brand confidence and clarity changed my personal and professional life dramatically."

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Features WSJ, Veranda & House Beautiful 

Doubled sales (and then some) - 1 year after work

Tripling typical project scopes (4 months after work) 

Confidence & Clarity Selling in the luxury market 

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Re-positioned as Historic Renovation Expert 

10 Page Guide to Social Media & Website 

Newly written biography for luxury 

2 hour training on confidence with sales 

Pre-written, designed and scripted sales calls 

 Copy & Paste Media Templates