joy rohadfox

ceo and president



the brief

the brief

On any given week you can find Joy flying between two countries closing massive global deals like the contract to construct Hartsfield Jackson, Atlanta Airport or the contract to reconstruct The LA Metro. Joy was in a place in her business where she wanted to raise her visibility as the CEO thus raising her visibility for her company. The goal? Support her company in the RFP bidding process using her personal brand. Given Joy’s insanely busy schedule, Joy knew she needed things done turnkey and by an expert - Joy saw the magic that Rachael created for their mutual girlfriend’s brand (Christa Pitts - CEO of The Elf on The Shelf) so she applied to work with her for a Brand Launch Weekend. 

Rachael worked closely with Joy and her team for months leading up to their 4 day Brand Launch Weekend intensive in Charleston. Via 80+ pages of custom notes (from media training, custom LinkedIn strategy to biography development) Rachael developed a custom "brand thesis" and turnkey plan. Their work was focused on converting high ticket RFP’s and showcasing Joy as a diverse executive in a male dominated field. It was important to Joy that she was seen authentically with the ideal juxtaposition of personality meets professionalism. 



NO. 01

NO. 02

NO. 03

Intensive review & edits for the 60+ page LAX RFP

Launch of personal brand website = raise awareness for corp.

Media training for Hartsfield Jackson Airport Promo video 

15+ page social manual & Intensive LinkedIn Training 

Re-wrote biography, company history (Est 1976)

Copy & Paste Press Pitches for Forbes, Ebony and WSJ 

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NO. 06

the results

the results

I think the best way to share how much I adore and trust Rachael is to share this… I enlisted her service not only once, but twice. Once for my personal brand, second for my company brand. For over a decade I had my head down building our business and when my firm won the bidding process to construct Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Airport, I knew it was time. Time to raise my visibility thus raising my company’s. Rachael was key to taking us to the next level. The word consultant does not do her justice. She is a savant, she is a cheerleader, she is a connector, she is a strategist and my favorite part? She has become a dear friend who is constantly supporting me to grow my network of powerful women- we just click!” 

joy rohadfox

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Immense brand clarity - first time in a decade

Endorsements from Mayor of Atlanta 

Launched a turnkey personal brand 

Speaking event with Department of Transportation

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NO. 07

4 Hour conversation leveraging personal brand for company sales 

Personal brand photo-shoot complete with hair & makeup 

NO. 08