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the brief

the brief

Sandra came to Rachael as many of her clients do, via raving past clients. Rachael came highly praised by Sandra's  friend, LuAnn Nigara (also Rachael’s client). Sandra had built a multi-7 figure creative firm and now on a mission to educate + empower fellow lifestyle entrepreneurs to do the same. Sandra had built out the online course, had positive sales and now was ready for the big leagues. Sandra sought out Rachael to support via her 1:1 Luxe Day Coaching Program with the goal to strategize her message and growing her visibility & enrollment for her program via podcasts, ambassador programming, speaking engagements etc. 



Via 30+ pages of notes and taking Sandra's course herself, Rachael strategized positioning Sandra as THE “GO TO” educator for creative entrepreneurs seeking to build a 7-figure firm. She helped Sandra see the forest from the trees, mapping out her first ever Brand Ambassador Program while showing her how to book and convert clients through speaking engagements. 

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Positioned as "Go To" Educator to Build 7-Figure Firms 

Nine Page - Copy & Paste Speaker Booking Strategy

Built Lucrative Brand Ambassador Program

2 Hour Training on Lead Conversion from the Stage

Re-wrote all Sales Messaging, Bio & Website Verbiage

Audited and Edited Messaging for All Webinars 

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the results

the results

"I'm a massive RJ fan. So many "a-ha" moments during our coaching! 
Her strategies are next level. I knew I had a really powerful tool to empower interior designers to grow their business (The Interior Design Standard) but struggled to capture all that my program entails and showcase its value. I was sitting too close. From the poignant website and biography repositioning to the brilliant enrollment speaking strategies, I couldn't be more pleased with Rachael."

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Positioned as "go to" educator for Creatives

Streamlined + profitable ambassador program

Clarity on brand positioning + storytelling 

booked 40% more speaking engagements

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