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the brief

the brief

Anne heard 10 minutes of Rachael speaking on a podcast, didn’t finish the episode and knew she needed to work with her. She was in a position where she was clear she loved designing family & kid-focused spaces. She was working on lots of playrooms - lower budgets. She was stuck educating clients on why they needed to invest in this space. She wanted a new clientele - luxury budgets. No convincing. 



Rachael worked with Anne via her 1:1 Luxe Day Coaching Package. Through 30+ pages of custom notes & brand strategy Rachael mapped out the next one year, three years and five years for Anne's brand. Rachael strategized niching Anne down from a organizational playroom designer to an in-demand playroom designer who works with C-Suite executives, top attorneys and international entrepreneurs to design spaces that support their children’s holistic development. Positioned as a top leader in the field. Big dollar. Top International Expert. 

the results

the results

"If I could give her 1,000 hugs I would. I maybe could have gotten here on my own but, it would have taken me 6 years to learn everything she taught me in 2 days. I boarded the rocket-ship after I worked with Rachael. Working with her was the most rich experience I have ever had as an entrepreneur. She helped us reposition ourselves for luxury clientele. She gets this market deeply, how to speak, connect and sell to this group. A year after our work together our sales were more than double - two years out we will be triple and we are in conversation with celebrity families."

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Doubled sales (& then some) one year after coaching

Features in NYT, HGTV and full print feature in WSJ

First 6-figure playroom design fee - 2 months after work

multi-year Partnerships with Professional sports teams

NO. O1

NO. O4

NO. O5

NO. O6

NO. O2

NO. O3

Complete re-imagining of brand positioning  

RJ wrote out 64 phrases for marketing lingo & social media 

Mapped out 7 figure Partnership Plan for private schools 

Game-plan for gaining media visibility & credibility 

Re-worked entire sales strategy - pre-written scripts

Three hour conversation - converting six-figure playrooms

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