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the brief

the brief

Brittany and Ava saw how Rachael helped skyrocketed a friend's business and were eager to become clients. The duo were a few years into business - built a beautiful portfolio but were unclear how to take the business to the next level - they were ready to monetize in a big way. Marketing just wasn’t their expertise. While Brittany was on maternity leave, the duo applied to work with Rachael via her Virtual Coaching Package.



Rachael developed a 20 page game-plan and advised "The Girls" to niche down from typical, lifestyle photographers to… a celebrated luxury photography firm who specializes in photographing rising leaders in the home industry (real estate, interior design, home products). A huge shift in their messaging and marketing. 

the results

the results

"A beautiful human with a beautiful brain. We are the biggest RJ ambassadors there ever could be. We coached with her in July and every month after we tripled our previous average income. She niched us down from your typical “lifestyle photographers” to the “go to” photography firm for rising leaders in the home industry. She reinvented our pricing, services and even designed a new package - now our highest grossing offering. We would not be where we are today without her strategic advising - we will forever refer her clients."

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RJ personal referrals created 35% increase in sales 

3x sales after working with RJ 

A bi-yearly session that brings 6-figures in revenue

Booked & photographed industry leaders 

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Brand clarity - niched brand down 

Ideated a 6-figure new service offering 

8 page guide reworking all marketing material

Two hour sales confidence training 

Re-worked entire sales process…inquiry to invoice 

Streamlined packages, pricing and offerings 

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