christa pitts & chanda bell

Co-Founders of The Elf On The Shelf



the brief

the brief

Rachael and Christa first met sipping wine in the Cayman Islands. You heard that right! They both were at a 40th birthday party for their shared girlfriend (and also Rachael’s client - another high profile executive) on boat rides and over dinners they chatted about all things brand strategy. Christa felt the meeting was divine intervention. She called her twin sister Chanda Bell (also co-founder) and said “I found her!”

Everyone knows JK Rowling with Harry Potter now it was time for everyone to know Christa Pitts and Chanda Bell with Elf on The Shelf and Santaverse. Christa and Chanda were clear they needed personal brands to drive visibility for the company, their team and leverage their brands for company profits.  



The duo had launched hundreds of products and SKUs but this was the first time they ever launched not only a personal brand but two distinct personal brands with two different voices. Yet at the same time, the two brands needed to be married together. It was incredibly important to Christa and Chanda that Rachael had her hands on it all. They wanted her to write every word on their websites, design their speakers' presentations and create intensive team training. 

For months, Rachael worked with the duo’s Corporate marketing team to sort through 18 years of incredible work - hundreds of pages of documents, hours of media clips, thousands of social media posts. She did it all not once but twice. 

Everything was done in doubles. Two different personalities. Two different roles. Two different personal brands. Connected together and under the umbrella of Lumistella Company, home to The Elf on The Shelf. Rachael’s total deliverables were 300+ pages of custom notes. Truly a thesis on their personal brands. 

the results

the results

“Rachael is a gift to this planet! She is a genius. In short, she makes female CEO’s shine by helping them define their personal brand, crafting the story around it, and then telling that story to the world. My sister and I spent 18 years building a globally recognized company and knew it was time to share our own personal story’s. There was no one I trusted more than Rachael to help us take the next step… from new websites, to perfected biographies, to LinkedIn training and speaker agent outreach, Rachael had her hands (and her sharp eyes) on all of it! She prepared a 300+ page turnkey business plan and served as our right hand as we launched it. She is a beautiful human with a beautiful brain. I feel lucky to call her my dear friend”

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Two Turnkey personal brands

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NO. 02

15 pre-written posts for linkedIN & Twitter 

Executive Media Strategy - researched 40+ ideal speaker stages 

Re-designed media exec sheets send Today Show, NYT 

30+ page social media training manual - raise visibility 

Two logos, colors, graphics - showcase personality 

Two upleveled biographies, two company histories 

Two brand websites - two photoshoots 

Clear brand definition between two sisters

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NO. 05

4 hour team training in Atlanta - 140+ page powerpoint

Copy & paste templates to pitch top 15 speakers agents 

Re-worked 80+ pages of speakers presentations

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